Flat Classroom Project Judging

This is where the 'judges' of the Flat Classroom Project can meet and discuss student work.

News Flash!

Template for Flat Classroom Project Awards Ceremony is now available!

Current Project

The Flat Classroom Project 2006 between Westwood Schools, Camilla Georgia and International School Dhaka, Bangladesh
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  1. Connecting the World Online> Judging Page
  2. How the WWW has Changed the World Judging Page
  3. Work Flow Software: Enhancing Productivity and Communication Judging Page
# combined with 8 due to absences
  1. Web 2.0 Tools for Sharing Information Judging Page
  2. Globalization and Outsourcing Judging Page
  3. Google Takes Over the World Judging Page
  4. (Combined with 4) The Changing Shape of Information: PLE's and Social Networking Judging Page
  5. Mobile and Ubiquitous Judging Page
  6. Virtual Communication Judging Page
  7. Wireless Connectivity Judging Page