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What would the judging mechanism look like for such a project if more classrooms were involved. (i.e. if we had 5 classrooms, or 20, or even 100 on the same project, how could it be "judged" so that it was not too difficult for the judges but also could produce a "winner" and anecdotal feedback, etc. What would this sort of collaborative process look like?)

System/ Methodology

I suggest we look at the International School's Cyberfair organised by the Global School Network. I have taken students through this project twice in the past (first place in 2004 in the Environment section while here at Dhaka!). The project organisation and focus gets better every year. I can see the Flat Classroom Project becoming something like this if we want to put the work in (and get sponsorhip?). One great feature is the peer review process (rubric available online) that features a balance between theme, content and technical aspects. There would also be a judging rubric but I cannot find this online, it is probably similar or the same as the peer review rubric. The model GSN have set up is very solid and fair to all. It is also a valuable process for the students having to go through the peer review process as a condition of having their own entry accepted.