Flat Classroom Project 2011-3 Awards

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Multimedia Meta-Awards

These go to the best multimedia works overall from the 11 topic winners in each group.

About our Meta-judge: Anne Mirtschin is proud to have been involved with the Flat Classroom Projects over the last four years. She is an award winning teacher, who teaches Information Technology and Accounting in a small rural school in South Eastern Australia. She is passionate about global and rural education, immersing technology in the classroom, eLearning and loves collaborating and learning online.

Final comments from Anne:
The final products from the winning sections made for some great viewing.The standard of the winning videos in each category was high and it was not an easy task to determine the winning movies. When watching the winning videos from each category, I often smiled and felt excited. At other times I felt concerned and saddened. Thank you students for sharing your creativity and your learning. You are to be congratulated on your creations and have work to be proud of.

Design and Technical Quality:
Music, text, voiceover and a mixture of media made many of these videos compelling viewing. The music chosen was suitable to the topic and content of the video. A mix of still shots, videos and animation was often in evidence and this helped maintain the attention of the viewer throughout.

Synthesis and Construction of Ideas:
The message was clear, topics well researched and aptly defined. It was pleasing to see the increasing use made of actual case studies and the application of current events and affairs clealy illustrated the power that technology is having in our global society. However, it should be noted that all images used must be appropriately and individually credited. Those credits should be shown on the screen long enough for the viewer to be able to read them.

First Place

Student and multimedia information (taken from Master LIst of Videos)

Title of video: 4.E.3 The Changing Shape of Information: Group Stories

EmilyW Masco, Boxford, MA United States

Judges comments: "You chose an excellent topic on which to construct your video. I was very impressed with the level of editing and organization, as well as the content itself. The focus on the Arab Springs situation was a perfect example of how uploading has become prevalent all over the world today. You really took the global perspective to a higher degree, and did a very good job with your information." and "The student chose to apply her understanding of the importance of uploading to things happening on a global scale. Not only did the student inform the audience of the power of uploading in social media, she informed us of the power that uploading and global connections hold in very dire situations." Alison Leytem

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Second Place

Student and multimedia information (taken from Master LIst of Videos)

Title of video: 10.C.3 Virtual Communication The Use of Virtual Communication for Social Entrepreneurship

KearaC – AAHS

Judges comments: "I was so impressed by the professional appearance and clear message of this video!" Mary Anna Thornton

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Third Place

Student and multimedia information (taken from Master LIst of Videos)

Title of video: 2.C.3 WWW Changes the World

Kyle C_MCA

Judges comments: "This is an amazing job! You have captured the attention of the audience in such a professional manner. The story, effects, continuity and all components are so well done! Fantastic job on this!"

Fourth Place

Title of video: 8.C.2 PLEs and Social Networking Will You Make a Change


Judges comments: "I love how you presented the theme of your video. It has a great meaning to it." Johnika Bruce and "This video was genuinely engaging. The topic was a perfect illustration of the theme. The presentation was so smooth that all of my focus could stay on the story you were telling through your narration and screencast. I am glad to know about this young man and his organization!" Mary Anna Thornton

Honorable Mention

Student and multimedia information (taken from Master List of Videos)

Title of video: 11.E.3 Wireless Connectivity The London Riots

Elijah N_ISD

Judges comments: "This was a beautifully produced piece of work. The images, background music and narrative really set a very appropriate tone for the content being produced. Well Done." and "The connection made between wireless connectivity and the riots was a sophisticated one. But I think the real higher order thinking can be seen in the production of the film and the choices made regarding images, music and pacing." Phil Macoun

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Multimedia Awards

These awards go to the best multimedia works. Student work will be assessed against two criteria related to the objectives of the Flat Classroom Project. A winner, runner up, third place and honorable mention (if appropriate) has been awarded in each of the 13 major topics.
See Rubrics (hyperlink to Rubrics wiki for current project) for details about Criterion A: Design and Technical Quality and Criterion B: Synthesis and Construction of Ideas

These awards were given by our expert panel of judges (hyperlink to Judges wiki for current project)
(for each award add multimedia #, Student hyperlinked ot Ning profile, and video title)

#1 Connecting the World Online (CWO)

First: 1.A.4 How Internet Changed the Way We Communicate by advaithb_aahs
Second: 1.D.3 Video Calls All Over The World by AtN_ICS
Third: 1.D.1 Its a Small World with Social Networking Sites by: Briannar-mhs-1 & 1.F.4 Online connectivity and how we live and play by KensukeT_ISD
HM: 1.E.1 AdrienneW_SVHS
1.A.2 How Netscape Flattened the World by Jordanb-mhs-1
Judges special mention: 1.A.6 The Youtube Effect by AlyssaB_FR

#2 World Wide Web (WWW)

First: 2.C.3 World Wide Web Changes the World by KyleC_MCA
Second: 2.A.1 World Wide Web: Sharing of Information and Experiences Instantly by BenB-mhs-1, USA
Third: 2.C.2 Social Entrepreneurship and WWW by MiyuU_ISD
2.A.3 Worldwide Without the Web by SonyaG_MCA, USA
HM: 2.F.3 The Impact Of Global Connections by IsZ_ICS

#3 Workflow Software (WFS)

First: 3.B.2 Workflow Software: Invention, Innovation, Prediction ShashankK_AAHS
Second: 3.E.2 Picflow Software KreslynC-WHSB
Third: 3.F.3 Workflow Software: How We Work & Play by MeghanS_AAHS
HM: 3.F.1 Workflow Software and How We Play RachelL_VHS& 3.A.1Workflow Software MackenzieH_VHS

#4 Uploading: The Changing Shape of Information (CSI)

First: 4.E.3 The Changing Shape of Information: Group Stories by EmilyW_Masco
Second: 4.F.5 The Power of Uploading: Part One, Part Two by AnsleyK_AAHS
Third: 4.A.2 How Uploading Changed the Shape of Information by BrandonJ-MHS
HM: 4.C.1 AveryS_SVHS

#5 Web 2.0 (W20)

First: 5.E.2 Flash Mob by AlanK_MHS
Second: 5.F.4 Web 2.0 Video Clip By YudaiS_ISD
5.A.1 My Introduction to Web 2.0 by SimranS_AAHS
Third: 5.C.4 How Non-profit Organizations are using Web 2.0 tools? LondonJ_masco
5.E.3 How do Actors use Web 2.0? by: marissad_aahs
HM: 5.B.3 Innovation and Design of Web 2.0, Andyj-mhs-1

#6 Globalisation and Outsourcing (G&O)

First: 6.D.3 RahulS_FinalVideo by RahulS_AAHS
Second: 6.F.1 While You Were Playing by KendallB_WHSB
Third: 6.E.3 Mind the Gap - Globalization and Outsourcing's Affect on the Middle Class by MilanG_AAHS
HM: 6.B.1 Walking Into A World of a Buisnessby MichelleL-mhs-1 & 6.A.2 Globalization video KojoB_VHS

#7 Google (GGL)

First: 7.A.3 Google's Influence on the World by JaeL-KIS
Second: 7.F.2 Google Takes Over The World by TaliaS_Masco
Third: 7.C.2 Google and Social Entrepreneurship JonathanS_AAHS
HM: 7.B.1 Google Over the Years by nicolettef_aahs

#8 PLEs and Social Networking (PLE&SN)

First: 8.C.2 Will You Make a Change by GillianG_AAHS
Second: 8.E.1 Social Networking: Group Story ChadB_masco & 8.F.2 How We Live On Social Networking by NicoleW_AAHS
Third: 8.B.2 Social Networking CydneyG_SVHS
HM: 8.B.5 Social Networking where will it take us? by GabbyR_MCA

#9 Mobile and Ubiquitous (M&U)

First: 9.F.4 How We Play Using Mobile Technologies by BgI_ICS
Second: 9.A.4 Connections Anywhere and Everywhere CortneyK_MCA & 9.E.3 Mobile Ubiquitous Group Story: Science DavidG_ISD
Third: 9.E.2 Nowadays Mobile And Ubiquitous RahulY_AAHS
HM: 9.F.2 The difference cellphone makes by TeaM_REC & 9.B.3 Connecting People Everywhere And Anytime by AlixS_ICS

#10 Virtual Communication (VCom)

First: 10.C.3 'The Use of Virtual Communication for Social Entrepreneurship' By KearaC_AAHS, USA
Second: 10.E.3 No Distance Required by MeyrickL_MCA
Third: 10.D.3 The Perfect Day Gone Wrong by SusanD-WHSB
HM: 10.D.4 Virtual Communication Gets Personal by JasmineJ_MCA

#11 Wireless Connectivity (WCon)

First: 11.E.3 Wireless Connectivity The London Riots by ElijahN_ISD
Second: 11.F.5 Wireless Connectivity: How we Live and Play by KieranP_ISD & 11.E.2 Wireless Connectivity Creates a Flat World by TaskeenA_AAHS
Third: 11.C.1 Social Entrepreneurship and Wireless Connectivity By amiew_aahs
HM: 11.D.2 Soldiers Using Wireless Connectivity by ManishA_AAHS

Participating Classrooms

This is the list of schools participating in the final awards for completion of the project.

School Tag
School Name
Mount Carmel Area
Suzie Nestico
Korea International School
Sara Webster
Wantirna College
Ron Thomas
International School of Dusseldorf e.V.
Pat D'Arcy
Academy of Allied Health & Science
Brian McLaughlin
Saucon Valley High School
Jessica Friday
Valley High School
Sarah Bird
Masconomet Regional High School
Pete Magner
International Community School
Sarwat Siddiqui
PA Virtual Charter School
Sue Delling
River East Collegiate
Kristine Yang
Westwood Schools
Vicki Davis
Palisades High School
Jamie Guthier
Franklin Regional Senior High School
Roger Crider
Midpark High School
Sheri Williams
& Amy Jambor