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Master Meta-Awards

These go to the best multimedia works overall from the topic winners in each group.

About our Master Meta-judge:
Photo on 2011-04-22 at 14.21 #3.jpg
Aaron Maurer is the big, tall, bald, ugly, nerdy guy roaming the hallways and classroom of Bettendorf Middle School in Bettendorf, Iowa. Aaron has been teaching in this building for nine years. His first five years he taught 6th grade social studies, literature, and computer before moving to ELP(Extended Learning Program a.k.a. Gifted Education). For the last four years he has taught 4th and 5th grade ELP as well as extension classes for grades 5-8.

Aaron is looking to officially part of the Flat Classroom Community and has been working hard on creating global projects after experimenting the last few years with smaller projects. You can see the projects in action by visiting - The latest project is a Global Project focusing on Bald Eagles.

When not working at school, Aaron is the lucky father of three children – Aiden(8), Addyson(6), and Ava(2 years old today - May 9th, 2013). His wife is very patient dealing with his nerdiness. Aaron also operates a blog where he provides his insights into education, teaching, training, Lego, and more. In the other free moments he is working on his own book titled after his mantra, Getting It Done! Lastly, he coaches boys basketball and helps operate and coach the Lego Robotic Team.

To see all of his online sites and projects check out

Master Meta-judge comments: This has been a real eye opener for me as an educator. One of my goals as a teacher is to find ways to challenge my students. Viewing all of these videos has opened my eyes to the fact that projects like this give students an opportunity to express and showcase your true talents. I found it very difficult in making decisions after viewing the videos. Each video attacked their goal with a different angle and therefore it was tough because each one gave me something to think about and possibly apply to my life and my teaching. The key to creating videos is to sell the content by providing a story or unique experience. People need to feel engaged in order to focus long enough to process the information being shared. There was a lot of information being shared in these videos.

Design and Technical Quality: This is something that I see as always expanding and enhancing as technology continues to develop. The key that I think is fundamental about this category is pacing and using technology to help guide your story. You can use as much or as little of technology to create a polished product, but none of it matters if you don't have a story to tell. If you can develop a story to tell, then the design and technical qualities will make your product shine above the rest. Continue to test and experiment with this category. Think about what attracts you as students. What holds your interest? Use that as your guide. I did not see a lot of special effects, but did notice many transitions. I thought clip editing was solid, and sound quality for the most part was spot on. Great job!

Synthesis and Construction of Ideas: This is what I think is the hardest part of this project. Like I alluded to before, tell a story! You need to grab the viewer's attention and emotions from the start to keep them engaged and then continue to hold on tight until you are ready to let go. For the credits, I think it is important to slow them down so the viewer can see all your resources. Working with global projects in my classroom I know how tough collaboration can be. Good job working to make this happen. This is still the hardest element to pull off in these type of projects. I was impressed by all the videos and how they structured their facts and information.

I have been stewing about the awards. I was quite impressed that I chose to go through and watch them all. This has been no easy challenge which is a compliment to all of you.

First Place

8.A.1 Safari For Technology DavisW_SVHS_NGE
Judges comment: You told a story.It was obvious that you planned this whole idea out from start to finish. With the touches of humor you were able to blend in the facts and information needed to convey your research. I thought the first transition could have been improved and possibly in terms of story development why were you on a safari? I loved the theme and idea of being in pursuit of a MOOC. Well done! This reminded me of something I would have made if I was a student doing this project.

Second Place

1.D.1 MerrittD-WHSA "Moooo"vement of Learning Analytics and Freedom
Judges comment: I thought this video had a great opener. It really grabbed my attention from the start. Very well crafted and put together. You raised a lot of great points and the rhetorical question at the end was a great way to wrap things up. The one thing missing in this video was a list of resources for your information. I know you spoke from experience, but finding information to support your ideas is important. A lack of citations at the end is the only flaw in this video. Great job of piecing things together, speaking from personal experience to connect with a larger audience. I really think this was the most entertaining of engaging of all the videos.

Third Place

6.F.1 CandiceZ_SVHS Entertainment&Wearable Technology
Judges comment: I enjoyed this video. You used a variety of sources and types of media.Google Glass has been given lots of media hype already and will be interesting to see how the public actually responds. I think trimming the piece down of using Google Glass for sporting event and the timing piece of speaking at the end were two things that I think could have been improved. You brought up some really great points in this video. Very well done.

Honourable Mention

3.B.1 MarkS_SVHS_NGE FOCUS on the Camera of a Tablet Computerand
8.E.1 AlejandroE_ISA 3D-Printing: Expand the Realm of Possibility

Judges comment: I am grouping these two together because I think they feel the same. Very informative. The slides were very smooth and flowed seamlessly. The example provided in the videos were quality examples to show your individual topics. I am big on grabbing interest of viewer so something to spark some interest at the beginning would have been great to see. Something clever to hook us right away. I think these two were very informative and speaking was of high quality. Now you just need to sell it!

3.B.2 RiyaP-WHSB Take a Tablet
I also chose Take a Tablet because I liked the flow of this video. It felt like a commercial and really just like something I would see on TV or in a store. A few times the quiet pauses slowed down the piece in transition. Very well done and your sources were the best displayed of them all.

Multimedia Awards

These awards go to the best multimedia works. Student work will be assessed against two criteria related to the objectives of the NetGenEd Project. A winner, runner up, third place and honorable mention (if appropriate) has been awarded in each of the 6 major topics.
See Rubrics (hyperlink to Rubrics wiki for current project) for details about Criterion A: Design and Technical Quality and Criterion B: Synthesis and Construction of Ideas

These awards were given by our expert panel of judges (hyperlink to Judges wiki for current project) led by our hard working Meta-Judges.
(for each award add multimedia #, Student hyperlinked ot Ning profile, and video title)

#1 Massively Open Online Courses

First: 8.A.1 Safari For Technology DavisW_SVHS_NGE
Second: 5.A.1 GraceS_SVHS_NGE Collaborating on MOOCs
Third: 2.A.2 KrupaL_AAHS My Video
HM: 3.A.2 ArjunaM_AAHS Massively Open Online Courses: Scrutinyand 4.A.3 JTP-PPHS, What Are MOOCs?

#2 Tablet Computing

First: 3.B.1 MarkS_SVHS_NGE FOCUS on the Camera of a Tablet Computerand 3.B.2 RiyaP-WHSB Take a Tablet
Second: 6.B.1 Morgan M-PPHS Entertaining Education-Tablets and 1.B.1 WestR-WHSB- Books Vs. Ebooks
Third: 8.B.1 JerryF_KS Tablet computing and innovationand 5.B.2 AnthonyV_PPHS Learning the Tablet
HM: 5.B.3 MariaA_AAHS Tablet Computing and Collaborationand 4.B.2 BridgetO_SVHS Tablet Computing: Integrityand B.APM.1 AnithaK_AAHS Tablet Computing (Overview)

#3 Games and Gamification

First: 7.C.1 VanessaS_SVHS_NGE The Unbelievable Speed of Gamification
Second: 5.C.1 AlyssaB_AAHS Collaboration Video
Third: 1.C.2 MoriahS_ISA Game Based Learning
HM: 2.C.1 MaggieH_SVHS Gamification and Its Impact on Our Children

#4 Learning Analytics

First: 1.D.1 MerrittD-WHSA "Moooo"vement of Learning Analytics and Freedom
Second: 1.D.4 morganf_aahs Learning Analytics and Freedom
Third: A.PM.1 RachelA_SVHS Learning With the Net Generation
HM: 3.D.2 Scrutiny Style BrendanW_SVHS_NGE

#5 3D Printing

First: 8.E.1 AlejandroE_ISA 3D-Printing: Expand the Realm of Possibility
Second: 2.E.1 KambryJ-WHSB 3d printer-upload
Third: 5.E.1 Margaret WHSB Imagine
HM: E.APM.1 andrewn_aahs - 3D Printing

#6 Wearable Technology

First: 6.F.1 CandiceZ_SVHS Entertainment&Wearable Technology
Second: 8.F.2 KimberleyC_KS 8F: Wearable Technology + Innovation
Third: 2.F.2 RitaC_KS Wearable Technology
HM: 8.F.2 KimberleyC_KS 8F: Wearable Technology + Innovation and 2.F.1 SageS-WHSB Nano Nano

Participating Classrooms

School Tag
School Name
Teacher Name
International School of the Americas
Cassie Allen
Texas, USA
Pleasant Plains High School
John Langley
Illinois, USA
Academy of Allied Health and Science
Brian McLaughlin
New Jersey, USA
Chapel Hill Middle School
Ray Jones
Texas, USA
Palisades High School
Jamie Guthier
Pennsylvania, USA
Hawkesdale P-12 College
Anne Mirtschin
Victoria, Australia
Kristin School
Andrew Churches
Aukland, New Zealand
Westdale Secondary School
Wendy Melnick
Ontario, Canada
Saucon Valley High School
Jessica Friday
Pennsylvania, USA
Westwood Schools
Vicki Davis
Georgia, USA