Jeff's First Impressions

  • Good linkage
  • Great flow
  • Good picture placement
  • Pictures go with writing
  • Writing is authentic

Jo's First Impressions

  • A very professional looking webpage
  • Andrew's video was impressive (was not able to watch Salmaan's video (don't know why)
  • This group is also in my top 5
  • well set out with pictures used to good effect
  • Feel as though the students have understood what they were writing about

Terry's first impressions

  • Andrew's video: really informative. I would use itin my presentations.
  • visually appealing
  • well-written
  • links: as often is the case, over-reliance on wikipedia IMHO
  • Salmaan's video: great content, but music intrusive in places
  • loved the use of a cartoon (sorta thing I do myself)

Darren's First Impressions

  • I was impressed right from the start just by reading the ongoing dialogue in the discussion tab. The students enthusiasm, energy and sense of team work really came across.
* I was also impressed with the leadership Andrew showed getting this project off the ground.
  • Having the discussion points at the top of the page really helped me, as a judge, to contextually frame the students work.
  • Great definition of mobile computing and ubiquitous!
  • Page well layed out. Good content, well written. Great use of cartoons.
  • I liked the links to images on other pages in the wiki ... it was like a little surprise package. ;-)
  • Very impressed with Salmaan's video! He achieved a wonderful balance between casual and formal which imbued the work with his personality. It was very prefessionally done; video effects helped to make it interesting and enhanced the message. I don't know if this was inteneded or not but I thought interviewing Mr. Faruque under the world map showing Dhaka and Camilla was a really nice touch. I most liked when he ended with a comment that tied back to the text introduction on the wiki page.
  • Andrew's video is outstanding! Perfect pace that capitalizes on the medium, great use of animation. I was impressed with the way he cut back and forth between the interview with Mr. Stargel and his image supported voice over. The best part was the "alternate ending." Look out Numa Numa Dance, here comes Andrew with the Zerbra Dance ... it could be a whole new viral video. ;-)