Jeff's First Impressions

  • Great linking
  • Love the personal voice throughout
  • Interesting and flows well through the page.
  • In line linking rather then lists allows the page to flow

Jo's First Impressions

  • Lots of reliance on wikipedia (maybe too much, could have used other sources of information)
  • Sabbab's video is good and quite professional, although pace of speaking is a bit too fast
  • Very informative page and the current news is interesting.
  • Sanjida's video seemed to be just read and her pace of speaking was too fast also
  • Jordan and Kristy's video was easier to watch

Terry's first impressions

  • I didn't learn anything about PLEs from the text. I followed the link back to the wikipedia entry, and that isn't much better. PLEs have been really big in the UK in recent years, and an exploration of some Uk-based websites would have provided a richer source of information I think.
* visually appealing
  • Sanjida's video: text was good (was it original?), but basically agree with Jo
  • Sabbab's video: music intrusive; speaks too fast; but informative -- it made me raise the criteria mark quite substantially; but stopped before the end because a screen scrolling and the music seemed irrelevant
  • Jordan and Kirsty's video was very informative and engaging
  • not enough depth, eg on uploading
  • assume there was collaboration because the whole project seems to hang together quite well

Darren's First Impressions

  • Page is well laid out and I was impressed with the amount of supporting links. I thought that LinkedIn and Zero Degrees should have been supported with links.
  • I am confused as to the topic of this page: PLEs and Social Networking or Uploading? This may be because two groups were collapsed into one but I felt the final document should have been thematically consistent.
  • The writing, references and mix of multimedia is excellent at the start ... the later part of the page is not as well put together.
  • The discussion about Open Source software and Linux was facinating. I really enjoyed it, but didn't see how it related to the theme of this page.
  • Overall I thought there was great potential in this project but it wasn't followed through on. e.g. the section on "Blogging helps grieving wife" was an interesting facet of social networking but it was one example and not fully integrated into the discussion. PLEs are described briefly but no examples are really provided. Later in the page Elgg and the Theory of Knowledge class at ISD is mentioned. This would have been a great opportunity to show how the topics of PLEs and Social Networking overlap.
  • Sabbab's video was good. I liked the way he combined interviews, text, music and screencasting.
  • Jordan & Kristy also made a good video. The begining was particularly well done: fast paced images with voice over.
  • Sanjida's video should have been a podcast with supporting links. She didn't really capitalize on the strengths of the medium.