Jeff's First Impressions

  • Feel like they missed a great opportunity in the Definition of Informing section to link/connect to other wiki pages in this project.
  • What is Open Source could use a link to the source -defined but not linked
  • Like the personal voice and thought added in the information
* Confused over the Background section as it does not talk about Google
  • A broken image

Jo's First Impressions

  • Andrew's video is good
  • The wiki page not so much. Doesn't seem to be very logically organised.
  • Omars' video could have been spiced up with some graphics maybe.
  • Would have liked a resource page
  • The last video from Google felt like an advertisement; maybe there could have been some critique rather than leaving that as the last impression (on top of the facts and figures)

Tery's first imporessions

  • very much like the use of bullet points
  • visually appealing
  • what I don't get from a quick reading is the connection between "informing" and Google. More and more businesses are using Google as their internal search engine, ie to find documents that tey know they have; apart from anything else, what are the implications of this for classification methods (directory strutures, tagging), and is that relevant anyway? I htink it is because it means that to some extent Google has flattened the world by the back door as it were. Maybe this is all mentioned, but a quick reading didn't reveal it.
  • Andrew's video: good interview; thought the repeating images of Friedman at the strat not useful.
  • Omar's video: I was just about to stop it when the interview started, 1 minute and 33 secs into the video. Given that the average wait time on a web page is about 8 seconds, that is way too long. If I hadn't felt a sense of responsibility I would have stopped it much sooner. Interesting Qs -- shame there wasn't a dialogue though.
  • Not sure how much collaboration there was: not made explicit and not obvious to my mind.

Darren's First Impressions

  • Overall I thought the content here was a little thin.
  • Not clear whether this page was supposed to be about Google or informing or both. From reading it I'd say a Google with a bit about informing. This should have been clarified right fromt he start.
  • Current News is no longer current, it should have been labled differently or made into and RSS feed.
  • Andrew's video is good.
  • Omar's screencasts would have been more pertinent with some voice over.
  • Omar's interview with Mrs. Luna also added to the content and gave a local perspective from Bangladesh. It took too long to get to the interview though.
* The video from Google at the end was great to watch but I don't see how it added to the topic of informing.