Jeff's First Impressions

  • Not finding a lot of depth
  • A lot of links with recaps of the information found on the site or a quick summary
  • Like the link to the full interview, although again can't watch the videos, will defer to others on where the vides on the wiki page are the same or different then the actual "Full Interview"
  • Not sure of the reason behind putting the RSS feed links on the site? Needs to be explained. Is this for visitors?
  • YouTube videos a nice touch

Terry's first impressions

  • visually appealing
  • Salma's video: interview was good, but I couldn't understand what Salma was saying in first part because of music volume plus speed of talking
  • Katie's video much clearer
  • Use of other videos good
  • good to include link to interviews
  • I disagree with Jeff about depth. I think Salma and Katie have produced a really good central reference point for this topic. I'd come back to it again.

Jo's First Impressions

  • Salma's video starts off well but not really well finished (think she is too close to the mic and speaks too fast)
  • Katies' video is good
  • Like the hook of the Simpsons to introduce the topic
  • visually appealing layout
  • evidence of research

Darren's First Impressions

  • Impressed with the page layout.
  • Liked the humourous beginning using the outtake from The Simpsons.
  • I thought they did a good job backing up their work using external links... most extensively linked page I've see so far.
  • The news videos on outsourcing were an excellent addition.
  • I thought having an RSS news feed was a good idea but it need to (a) have some explanation of what it was and what the source is, and (b) would have been more effective if it had been delineated in some way such as being put in a table (box).
* Salma's video starts off well but the audio becomes too distorted and runs into itself making it difficult to follow. Also, while I like that particular Weezer song the outro was just too long.
  • Katie's video, like many others, adds little to the content as she just reads the text already on the wiki. Her inclusion of the interviews with Mrs. Vicki and Mr. David added good content to the page. The segment with the Tech support person left me asking "Why is this here?" Again the outro was too long and the better part of the video was a series of images without context; a voice over explanation would have added a lot. The very end where Katie shares that she doesn't think outsourcing is a good thing is too brief. I would have liked to hear more about why she thinks that.