Jeff's First Impressions

  • TOC a plus
  • Best layout so far and great use of graphics
  • Writing was authentic and flowed nicely

Terry's first impressions

  • Good to have ToC + Works Cited
  • Good to have original research -- I like that
  • Very readable
  • Like the use of the logos, eg for Flickr
  • Spelling eg "shareing", and "tired" instead of "tried", and at least one missing word "group [of] students" -- all of which indicate need for proof-reading.
  • One heading is underlined, but is not a hyperlink
  • I'm afraid I found Shakira's video unlistenable to for the first 3 minutes: the "background" music was louder than the interview. During Will Richardson's interview, it was still loud enough to be really intrusive, and made it virtually impossible to focus on what Will was saying. All this is a real shame, because the structure of the video was good, and the content looked like it might have been interesting.
  • The second video (Matt's) was good: clear explanations, no intrusive music, and slides in sync with the commentary. Slight criticism: good to be not as close to the mic, because the "p" sound comes across as an explosion!
  • Nice touch to include a quiz, and I think I'll refer to that in the next edition of Coming of Age (with credit, of course)

Jo's First Impressions

  • very informative wiki page, well laid out and easy to read
  • This one's definitely in my top 5
  • Javed's voice in the interview was partly drowned out by the music
  • Great works cited section and some good videos on the resource pages
  • Collaboration demonstrated on the discussion pages
  • could see myself using this information
  • The points Will made in the interview were most thoughtful

Darren's First Impressions

  • The introduction was good but there should have been some explanation of RSS and tagging; at the very least a link to external sources explaining these terms/concepts.
* The was some good text information. I particularly liked the list at the bottom of the page of concrete examples of web 2.0 sites/services. Shakila's graphic was a good one but could have used more text explanation.
  • I found Shakila's video contained lots of good content but was difficult to watch. I wasn't able to hear much of the interview with Javed.
  • The music vocals made it difficult to listen to and the continuous colour effects were distracting from the message.
  • Will Richardson appears here too but it's the exact same footage as group #3, Workflow Software.
  • The production of Matt's video was very good with no distracting music. He included lots of good content and the interview with Steve is informative, however, the introduction to the video is just Matt reading the first couple of paragraphs from the top of the wiki page .. this seemed to be common in the Westwood student's videos.