Jeff's First Impressions

  • Finally an explination fo dual core that I understand. :)
  • Very wordy, would like to see personal examples or a story of a company that uses Work Flow successfully
  • Like the take on Mac+Windows= ? Personal voice shows through
  • Wish I could view the video, sounds interesting, will have to rely on others for that.

Darren's First Impressions

  • This page was also well laid out and easy to follow.
  • This was the first link on the page: Unfortunately there is no real content there; it's a placeholder for an article that doesn't exist yet.
  • The boys did a really good job of getting across what was meant by "workflow software" however they didn't really point to any examples of it. The student adnan interviewed in his video did give examples of what software he uses and how the concept of "workflow" has effected the way he works.
  • What I liked about Drew's video was the way the images were used to underscore the points he was making in the audio. Again, I also was facinated by the interview with Mr. James Lee Adams. I wish it had continued a little longer.
  • What I didn't like about Drew's video was that the voiceover contained no new information that wasn't already in the wiki as text. He spoke at a good pace but it would have been more interesting to listen to if he had moderated the tone of his voice.
  • Adnan's video was great! He spoke clearly and came across sounding very professional. It was interesting that he had a student describe, with very real examples, how the concept of "workflow" applies to students. I didn't find the music distracting. The fact that it was all instrumental helped -- it made it easier to listen to what was being said.
* What impressed me about both videos was that the boys collaborated to have interviewees from "the other classroom."

Terry's first impressions

  • Some spelling errors, eg using "their" instead of "there", and "methid".
* I read the first block of text 3 times, and still didn't get what workflow is. I then viewied the video, and although I found out what it was from that, I found it very hard to understand. This is because I am a Brit, and the speaker has a very pronounced southern American accent (to my ears) and spoke very quickly. International projects should be easily understandable by people in different countries!
  • Content of the video was very good: good examples and explanations by the people who were actually using workflow. Suddenly cut off though and went into irrelevant music, which also ended abruptly.
  • Adnan's video good too, for reasons Darren states, but wish there hadn't been music in background: I found it distracting, unnecessary and depressing.
  • I wasn't entirely convinced by the connection between the various elements, ie the TCP/IP. Windows OS and workflow software. It seemed like 3 different sections with no overall framework, but maybe that's just me. The individual parts are fine.

Jo's First Impressions

  • Video by Drew and Ty sounds as though it was read and that they were trying to get through the info as quickly as possible
  • Interview with Vicki had a good explanation, but the interviewee should have been identified (for those who don't know)
  • Topic was a bit blah, could not really get into it although it seems that it would be an important flattener globally
  • Adnan's video was more interesting as the question of Windows and alternatives are personally interesting to me
  • reources page not completed.