Jeff's First Impressions

  • Found out that I can't view Google Videos here in China putting me at a disadvantage
  • One thing that Freedom talks about in the book is how Netscape going public was a flatterner because all of a sudden the Internet was real. No mention of this that I see
  • Mention of FireFox but not that it's open sourse, and what that means for the future of the web as the open source movement has and continues to change the web
  • Loved the connection to Farming, being a 5th generation farming family I can relate to the changing nature of technologya and farming. Love that the student made it personal, tying it into his community and his life by talking about the farming aspects.

Darren's First Impressions

  • Page is clean and easy to follow
  • Nice balance between text and graphics. Netscape and Firefox graphics well chosen, the one for IE I had to look more closely at to realize it was about IE and not "Tickle."
  • What I liked about Salvi's video was that he added to the content already on the wiki. It wawsn't a restatement of what was already there.
* What I didn't like about Slavi's video was the choice of music. The vocals detracted from my ability to listen to and understand what was being said by the people in the video.
  • What I liked about Trey's video was the clean way the voiceover and visuals complemented each other. I also liked The interview releating the impact of the web to farmers and farming technology.
  • What I didn't like about Trey's video was that the interview got cut short. Also, the rest of the video was just a restatement of the first section of the wiki page word-for-word. It didn't really add any extra info to the topic.
  • There are two broken links on the page: and
  • An RSS news feed (or other relevent feed) would have been a good addition to the content here.
* Overall I thought this was a good collection of info but it lacked any "WOW" factor. There was nothing that really made me sit up and say "Cool!"
So far this is the only presentation I've looked at. I'll be back again later today.

Terry's first impressions

  • Pretty much agree with what's already been said.
  • I liked the content of the first video but the music is obtrusive and unnecessary
  • Can't find any attribution for the second video (which I didn't think was as good, as not original)
  • Attractive appearance + easy to read.
  • In description of Netscape, would have been better to explicitly state year again, rather than just "August", to save looking.
  • Where is ToC?

Jo's First Impressions

  • Salvi's video: the music was a bit loud but it was good choice of interviewee (the teacher librarian)
  • Little critique of the information
  • missing image
  • In the background there was no reference to the units (40 million hours or 40 million users?)
  • Trey's video not appropriately labelled. He repeats info available on wiki page. He has a clear voice and a professional delivery on the video
  • loved the Aussie reference
  • Some spelling errors that should have been edited
  • The discussion pages show evidence of collaboration and responsiveness to feedback
  • Why was the screen shot of tckle included? Couldn't really see the point of that.
  • The information could dome with further processing and imaginative engagement which I felt was lacking