Jeff's First Impressions

  • Missing image?
  • Lacking some links

Terry's first impressions

  • Found the music on the 1st video very intrusive.
  • Very enterprising to get hold of Will Richardson to take part in the video, but why? Isn't there anyone in Bangladesh who knows enough about this stuff or haS an opinion on it?
  • Not sure where 2nd video comes from

Jo's First Impressions

  • Liked Sourov's video
  • Will Richardson not introduced. It becomes clear in a later group (in a discussion page) how Will came to be in the project but it would have been good to know that for this page as well.
  • Yes, there is a missing image
  • some spelling errors
  • the wiki page is very informative

Darren's First Impressions

  • Liked ToC
* Both videos has some really good content. Surov's video had music that made it very difficult to hear what was being said. Surov displayed a professional approach to his interviewees and was obviously well prepared for all the interviews. The diversity of interviewees was also a point in his favour. The music vocals really made it to hard to follow though.
  • Tyler's video was produced well and the interviewees added good content to the resource but the initial voice over added nothing to the work as it was just a reiteration of the first paragraph on the page.
  • Noticed speeling errors and missing image as well.
  • I agree with Jo, interviewees should have been introduced with some explanation as to why their views are relevent to this topic.
  • I was impressed that the boys linked to their classmates work (4 other pages) on the wiki.