Jeff's First Impressions

  • Great site
  • tons of info and links
  • Love the built in chat message thing at the end

Jo's First Impressions

  • A site made by some passionate and interesting students
  • Incredible amount of collaboration. This can be seen from the dicussion page
  • Also the use of the the interview of Cannelle's father by Casey for her section shows great collaboration
  • This site is definitely in my top 5 (I guess it's my favourite)
  • Casey sees the implications of the project they've been doing which is really gratifying
  • I felt the videos were individual and original
  • The personal connection the students made to the topic made this topic really engaging for me
  • The design of the page was interesting and varied yet related to the topic throughout
  • Love the graphic they designed at the end

Terry's 1st impressions

  • loved the idea of the intro video, and loved the video itself!
  • these students have really walked the walk!
  • agree with previous comments about chat room and videos -- Canlle talks a bit fast
  • generally speaking: a great project

Darren's First Impressions

  • These girls really did an outstanding job collaborating. The depth, variety and extent of conversation in the discussion tab is just awesome!
  • The girls enthusiasm and personalities come across very powerfully in the introductory video. Great use of humour Casey.
  • Content well supported with external links.
  • The entire page is really well laid out with graphics, text and other media.
* Concrete demonstration of IM by embedding the chat tool at the bottom of the page. I like that the girls model the use of the tools.
  • Graphic for is included but vyew isn't mentioned until much later.
  • The "Videophone Visits with Santa" example undeerscored the social benefits that are accruing due to virtual communication.
  • A wealth of multimedia sources included.
  • Canelle put together a good video. Lots of good content. Humour was a nice touch as well.
  • Outstanding video by Casey! Very professionally done, well paced, good mix of images, video interviews, voice over and text. She really blended the use of various modes of communication. I really enjoyed the humourous ending. Best line: My Brain is Flat.;-)
  • The Extra Multimedia page is quite extensive. All source video clips are there and several additional videos that further flesh out the work done on the main page.