Flat Classroom Project 2009-2 Awards

The following awards will be delivered at the -

Flat Classroom Project 2009-2 Awards Ceremony

Date: Wednesday June 24th, 2009
Time: 7:30 EDT, 11:30 GMT, 2:30 Qatar, 5:30pm Pakistan, 9:30pm Australia
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Multimedia Meta-Awards

These go to the best multimedia works overall from the 11 topic winners in each group.

About our Meta-judge:
The meta-judge for this project is Torsten Otto, a flat classroom teacher from Germany. Torsten led a class through a Flat Classroom Project earlier this year.

Final comments from Torsten:
Dear FCP09-2 participants,
thank you all very much for providing me with such a difficult and yet enjoyable task. As to be expected for a Flat Classroom Project, you covered a wide range of topics using a wide range of formats from still images to news shows involving a cast of many. I judged the stories themselves, not their connection to the wiki texts which left something to be desired for. The movies clearly were the product of careful planning and for the most part skillful video work.

Design and Technical Quality:
I was impressed with the overall technical quality of the multimedia artifacts. There were slight glitches in some, say music being too loud compared to the voices, or timing or size for texts. But any one of the shortlisted videos I was asked to consider could be shown in public to represent the Flat Classroom Project and represent it well. The producers used transitions, effects and music wisely, not overdoing it and mostly aligned with the message.

Synthesis and Construction of Ideas:
You came up with a host of creative and interesting ideas for your MMAs. It is a hard task to come up with a good plan and then follow through to a polished final product. It is another level entirely to have to rely on partners to come up with a portion of your movie. I was impressed with the generally very seamless integration of the outsourced clips, for some videos at first I was wondering if there even had been one.
It is too bad that a number of you did not give credit to the producers of images and music they used in their own piece of art. This is an important aspect of research as well as a question of fairness.

As I said, I found myself stuck with an enjoyable and yet hard task. Any one of producers deserves a prize - but these are the ones I thought were particularly well done.

First Place

4.A.2 Abdelmeguid_QA
Title of video: Uploading - Explaining the Topic
Judges comment: The use of professional video clips greatly enhances the quality of this movie. The technical quality is very high. The outsourced clip was integrated seamlessly. The concept was explained very well.

Embedded multimedia file

Second Place

7.B.2 Megan ElliottQA
Title of video: Google: Innovation, Invention and Prediction
Judges comment: The story flows very nicely and is very informative. The technical quality is excellent, the images are helpful. The integration of the outsourced clips is well done.

Embedded multimedia file

Third Place

6.B.1 Riona_QA
Title of video: Globalisation and outsourcing
Judges comment: A number of different aspects of globalization are shown, the definitions are clear and the examples given are helpful. The technical quality is very high, the music and voice are very well balanced, transitions are used sparingly. The use of an outsourced clip as an example for globalization was well done. This movie can well be used in a class on globalization.

Embedded multimedia file

Honourable Mentions

2.C.1 MatildeS_QA
Well crafted story, effective editiing of the interesting interview.

1.C.1 Maha_QA
The narration is very clear, with fitting background music at a good volume. The combined effect of the audio and the well chosen images is one of strong emotional involvement of the viewer, conveying the message in a very powerful way. Full credit in the tech department. The story is well crafted, too.

Multimedia Awards

These awards go to the best multimedia works. Student work will be assessed against two criteria related to the objectives of the Horizon Project. A winner, runner up, third place and honorable mention (if appropriate) has been awarded in each of the 13 major topics.
See Rubrics (hyperlink to Rubrics wiki for current project) for details about Criterion A: Design and Technical Quality and Criterion B: Synthesis and Construction of Ideas

These awards were given by our expert panel of judges (hyperlink to Judges wiki for current project)
(for each award add multimedia #, Student hyperlinked ot Ning profile, and video title)

#1 Connecting the World Online (CWO)

First: 1.C.1 Maha_QA
Second: 1.A.1 AthonM_TIGS
Third: 1.C.2 Sara Aziz-BH

#2 World Wide Web (WWW)

First: 2.C.1 MatildeS_QA
Second: 2.A.3 Jasmin B_HPC
Third: 2.A.4 Maheen Saad-BH

#4 Uploading: The Changing Shape of Information (CSI)

First: 4.A.2 Abdelmeguid_QA
HMs: 4.A.1 GeoffL_TIGS and 4.B.1 Amira_QA

#5 Web 2.0 (W20)

First: 5.B.1 KateV_TIGS
HMs: 5.B.2 Mallory_QA and 5.C.1 Nada_QA

#6 Globalisation and Outsourcing (G&O)

First: 6.B.1 Riona_QA
HM: 6.A.1 Amna_QA

#7 Google (GGL)

First: 7.B.2 Megan Elliott
Second: 7.B.1 Catherine HPC

#8 PLEs and Social Networking (PLE&SN)

First: 8.B.2 Hassan_QA
HM: 8.B.1 BrendanC_TIGS

#9 Mobile and Ubiquitous (M&U)

First: 9.B.2 CandiceN_TIGS
Second: 9.B.1 Mohammed_QA and 9.B.3 Flick_HPC

#10 Virtual Communication (VCom)

First: 10.B.3 Thomas Holt QA
Second: 10.B.1 Emily H HPC

#11 Wireless Connectivity (WCon)

First: 11.B.1 JamesB_TIGS
HM: 11.C.1 Abdulaziz Zaghmout

Participating Classrooms

This is the list of schools participating in the final awards for completion of the project. (add in table format)