Flat Classroom Project 2009-1 Awards

The following awards will be delivered at the -

Flat Classroom Project 2009-1 Awards Ceremony

Date: Monday April 13
Time: 2pm EDT, 6pm GMT, 9pm Qatar
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Multimedia Meta-Awards

As a culmination to the project we invited John Turner, Digital Educator from Melbourne, Australia who presented the project keynote at Video 'FCRkeynotejtFeb09' and pioneer 'flat classroom' teacher, to determine the best multimedia works overall from the 11 topic winners in each group.

Final comments from John:
The videos stretched across a range of stories, predictions, explanations and investigations. There is also a range of access to technologies, particularly video and this is reflected in the types of multimedia productions. It was also apparent that there was a range of background video production experiences. While this made judging difficult, by focusing on the story being told, the ideas generated, the content that was acquired and synthesised, the 'flow' of the video and the use of hooks (humour, punchlines etc) comparisons could be made. Generally the videos viewed had considered the importance of timing to engage the viewer and used music to aid rather than distract.
Design and Technical Quality:
Good to see the general use of titles and the citing of references across the videos. Text styles were clear and text did not linger longer than necessary to convey the message. Voices were clear and rehearsed and this added to the professionalism of the work. Transitions were not overdone and in all cases I found the music added rather than distracted from the product.

Synthesis and Construction of Ideas:
As stated above, the 'flow' of the videos was impressive, reflecting good planning and bringing together the parts needed to complete the work (although in some cases it appeared that time had restricted really good ideas that were perhaps too grandiose for the time available). Time management is an important part of video production and ideas need to fit time requirements. I was impressed with the efforts to provide and include video segments from collaborating students around the world. In all cases these added constructively to the video. Some ideas were professional in execution. Students need to guard against merely reading an explanation over some graphics without ensuring there response staisfies the requirements of story, prediction or social change.
Under the requirements and appreciating the time demands of multimedia work, students are to be commended for their ideas, their production work and their focus on quality end products. These videos are well worth using as classroom materials on new technologies as well as the diversity of ideas that students can bring to project work through multimedia production.

First Place

10.C.1 Simon R (WS) Use of VCom in Palestine
Would not have been out of place as a television/documentary news report with good lighting, sound and editing. Good idea that would be useful for anyone studying the impact of technologies in a different part of the world.

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Second Place

9.B.3 Ahmed S (Oman) Mobiles in our life
Explained the technology in the context of a social issue (medical needs) with skits and well edited flow. Good cultural inclusion.

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Third Place

1.A.2 Tammam (QA) Connecting the world online news report
Impressive video work around a car and includes overseas video seamlessly

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Honourable Mentions

2.B.2 Max (WS) The Semantic Web
Engaging use of humour and linking between technology and personal implications
11.A.1 Hannes (WS) Wireless Connectivity story on Native Americans
Creative idea and original animation. Story was too short (appeared not finished) but student should be encouraged to go further with his approach.
8.A.1 Megan R., MCAHS MySpace: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Good coverage of focus areas. Good timing and shifts between areas. Impressive use of actual news report

Multimedia Awards

These awards go to the best multimedia works. Student work will be assessed against two criteria related to the objectives of the Horizon Project. A winner, runner up, third place and honorable mention (if appropriate) has been awarded in each of the 13 major topics.
See Rubrics for details about Criterion A: Design and Technical Quality and Criterion B: Synthesis and Construction of Ideas

These awards were given by our expert panel of judges

#1 Connecting the World Online (CWO)

First: 1.A.2 Tammam QA Connecting the world online news report
Second: 1.B.1 MazinM (Oman) CWO and Education in Oman
Third: 1.C.1 Tjerk-Ove Wienkoop (WS) Connecting the World Online: Social Entrepreneurship

#2 World Wide Web (WWW)

First: (a tie for first) 2.B.2 Max (WS) The Semantic Web (C)MP and 2.C.1 Mariam (QA) Social Entrpreneurship: WWW
Second: 2.B.1 Feisal Al Thani (QA) The History and Future of the WWW

#3 Workflow Software (WFS)

First: 3.C.1 Rory Barnes, QA Workflow Software: Social Entrepreneurship
Second: 3.B.1 Mohammad QAWorkflow Software: Hair Growth Crisis

#4 Uploading: The Changing Shape of Information (CSI)

First: (a tie for first) 4.A.1 Zach L. (MCAHS) Uploading and 4.B.1 Erin Gunn, QA Uploading: CSI Group B
Second: 4.C.1 Frank B. (MCAHS) Uploading Fights Crime

#5 Web 2.0 (W20)

First: 5.A.1 Yaqoob, Oman Web 2.0 and No for Plastic Campaign
HMs: 5.A.2 Chelsea N. (MCAHS) Web 2.0 and 5.C.1 Vishnu R, QA Health 2.0 and Saving the World

#6 Globalisation and Outsourcing (G&O)

First: 6.C.2 Melissa D, MCAHS Where will Outsourcing and Globalisation Take us Next
Second: (a tie) 6.C.1 Josia Schloegl, Qatar Academy Unemployment and Outsourcing and 6.B.1 Nastassja, QA Outsourcing and Globalisation

#7 Google (GGL)

First: 7.B.1 JonasT (WS) Google Takes Over the World
Second: 7.C.1 Kyle Higgins (MCAHS) Google
Third: 7.C.2 Ahmad QA Google Social Entrepreneurship

#8 PLEs and Social Networking (PLE&SN)

First: 8.A.1 Megan R., MCAHS My Space: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Second: 8.C.2 Yonis (Oman) Social Networks and Employment
HM: 8.C.1 TobiasC (WS) Social Entrepreneurial Social Networks

#9 Mobile and Ubiquitous (M&U)

First: 9.B.3 Ahmed S (Oman) Mobiles in Our Life
Second: 9.B.2 Chris K. (MCAHS) Mobile Communications
Third: 9.B.1 Birthe H., Wichern-Schule HamburgM&U

#10 Virtual Communication (VCom)

First: 10.C.1 Simon R (WS)Use of VCom in Palestine
Second: 10.A.1 Moritz Klann (WS) VCom

#11 Wireless Connectivity (WCon)

First: 11.A.1 Hannes (WS) Wireless Connectivity (story)
Second: 11.C.1 Niels von Stein (WS) Wireless Connectivity

Participating Classrooms

This is the list of schools participating in the final awards for completion of the project.


Qatar Academy
Ray Jones (Qatar)

Torsten Otto (Germany)

Mount Carmel Area High School
Suzie Nestico (USA)

Osama Bin Zaid
Salim Al-Busaidi (Oman)