Flat Classroom Project 2011-2 Awards

The following awards will be delivered at the -

Flat Classroom Project 2011-2 Awards Ceremony

Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Time: 9:00am - 9:45am
(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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Multimedia Meta-Awards

These go to the best multimedia works overall from the 11 topic winners in each group.

About our Meta-judge:


Our meta-judge for this project is Dr MaryFriend Shepard, Professor of Educational Technology, Walden University.
MaryFriend Shepard is currently a full-time faculty member and the Program Director of the Educational Technology PhD program at Walden University where she mentors doctoral students, teaches online courses, and mentors dissertation studies in educational technology, along with the administrative duties of directing the educational technology PhD program. She has been in education for over 35 years, working in public schools, conducting teacher workshops, and teaching in schools of education at the University of Cincinnati, Indiana University, Florida State University, and Thomas University, before moving to Walden University. Her love is the integration of technology in K-12 schools, and the transformation of online/distance education. Her current research is exploring means of establishing a culture of digital collaboration in online communities, and the power of electronic portfolios (e-folios) as a tool for student reflection in teacher education programs. She conducts teacher workshops in the areas of educational technology, critical thinking, cooperative learning, differentiated instruction, ADHD and other sensory disabilities, and other areas of interest to teachers. She can be contacted at maryfriend.shepard@waldenu.edu

Final comments from MaryFriend Shepard:

Thank you for letting me be a judge of these amazing videos. It is exciting to me to see the level of thinking and technological ability that all of you students put into these projects. You demonstrated a strong connection with the content so that I was stimulated to watch every minute of all 42 videos. Your creativity in using technology shows me that your generation of learners has much to offer the world. I fully expect to see an innovator of a new technology from your group in the future.

Design and Technical Quality:
It was exciting to see the ways you used multimedia to express your ideas. I especially enjoyed the videos that had movement providing high energy. Music is such a powerful tool, and those of you who used music to enhance rather than dominate the points you were making earned points from me. When I had to listen hard to hear your voices over the music, it distracted from the points you were making. Your technological abilities showed up in the technological effects and transitions you included. It impressed me when you were able to use effects and transitions without distracting from your message. This can also be said of the way you edited your videos. The winners all had seamless transitions from graphics to video clips and back again. I was especially impressed with the use of graphics to augment the message you were delivering. Those videos that used pictures for a purpose to deliver the message were most impressive. Finally, there were some strong videos with powerful messages that went considerably over the time allotment for presenting the content. Follow all the criteria when you enter a contest. In the highly competitive world of media, the competition for jobs is huge! If you want to earn one of those jobs, demonstrate that you can meet all the criteria asked of you in delivering a product. You all have much to be proud of in the creative use of technology to deliver your message in these videos.

Synthesis and Construction of Ideas:
I found myself trying to see if I could figure out the theme for your video before looking at the category you were in. Almost without exception, you followed your theme to tell the story of your topic. I found myself wishing I could give a first place for each of the seven categories because they were so uniquely different. Nevertheless, the three winners earned their ranking based on the power of the message they presented.
The power of well used technology is when it augments rather than overwhelming the message. The winning videos taught their topic by synthesizing their content demonstrating critical thinking on the topic. Our first place winner showed thinking skills by analyzing a topic and sharing both sides of the topic – its strengths and weaknesses. I was so impressed by the way this person predicted future trends by exploring the ethics of the decisions being made in the industry. Those videos were most effective that showed a contrast between the past and the present, between strengths and weaknesses, between usefulness and the lack thereof. The winning presentations were grammatically and technologically free of glitches.
Finally, I would like to emphasize to all of you the importance of giving credit to others for their ideas. This may be a web site from which you took a graphic or clip, a person who gave you information, or something you read. In the world of publishing, it is considered theft of ideas when a person doesn’t give credit to the sources of their work. I want to applaud all of you who credited your team mates and teachers, your readings, and the source of your graphics and video clips. That is the sign of an honest person with integrity.
Congratulations on a job well done!

First Place

Student and multimedia information (taken from Master LIst of Videos)
Title of video: 4.B.1. The Current State of Uploading and Its FutureAndrewN, WHS, USA, Ms. Johnston

Second Place

Student and multimedia information (taken from Master LIst of Videos)
Title of video: 4.C.1 Uploading the Changing Shape of Information

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Third Place

Student and multimedia information (taken from Master LIst of Videos)
Title of video: 3.B.3 The Future of Workflow Software - AndersonW from WHS

Find more videos like this on Flat Classroom Project

Honourable Mentions

Student and multimedia information (taken from Master LIst of Videos)
Title of video: 7.B.1 The Future of Google by David C, WHS, USA (Ms. Johnston)

11.F.2 How Do We Live with Wireless Connectivity

Multimedia Awards

These awards go to the best multimedia works. Student work will be assessed against two criteria related to the objectives of the Horizon Project. A winner, runner up, third place and honorable mention (if appropriate) has been awarded in each of the 11 major topics.
See Rubrics for details about Criterion A: Design and Technical Quality and Criterion B: Synthesis and Construction of Ideas

These awards were given by our **expert panel of judges**
(for each award add multimedia #, Student hyperlinked ot Ning profile, and video title)

#1 Connecting the World Online (CWO)

First: 1.B.1 Globalization and Outsourcing Innovation by BreannaM_FR, USA
Second: 1.C.2 Connecting the World Online: Social Entrepreneurship, Jon S.
Third: 1.D.1.Connecting the World Online - Team A The Band Tom W -

#2 World Wide Web (WWW)

First:2.F.1.World Wide Web. ChristinaL_FR
Second: 2.A.1. How the World Wide Web Changed the World, CaitlinC REC (Mrs. Brown)
Third: 2.E.1.World Wide Web, ShelbyS REC (Mrs. Brown)
HM: 2.B.1 World Wide Web, CadenC REC (Mrs. Brown)

#3 Workflow Software (WFS)

First: 3.B.2.Workflow Software - NickFe_FR
Second: 3.B.3 The Future of Workflow Software - AndersonW from WHS
Third: 3.A. 1. Workflow Software the Story Tim-T_FR
HM: 3.C.1 Social Entrepreneurship and the Internet - JaredK from WHS

#4 Uploading: The Changing Shape of Information (CSI)

First:.4.B.1.The Current State of Uploading and Its FutureAndrewN, WHS, USA, Ms. Johnston
Second:4.C.1.Social Entrepreneurship; The Changing Shape of InformationMatthewS, WHS, USA, Ms. Johnston
Third: 4.B.3.What is You Tube TedS_DML
HM: 4.B.2. Uploading:The Changing Face of Information RyanH_FR

#5 Web 2.0 (W20)

First: 5.A.1.Flat Classroom Web 2.0By EunahJ_DML (Mr. Leppert)
Second: 5.C.2.The Future of the Web by Andrew Grafton WHS (Ms. Johnston)
Third: 5.A.3.Web 2.0, Efficiency at our Fingertips By Brianna Zenon WHS (Ms. Johnston)
HM: 5.A.2.Flat Classroom Web 2.0By SonnyB_FR

#6 Globalisation and Outsourcing (G&O)

First: 6.A.4.Ellie Globalization and Outsourcing Elle S DML (Mr. Leppert)
Second: 6.F.1.'Flat Classroom Project Globalization 6F.1', ChristineL DML (Mr. Leppert)
Third:6.B.1.Globalization as DramaCeline Park (Ms. Johnston, Wissahickon High School, USA)
HM: 6.A.1. Globalization and Outsourcing, AlexS REC(Mrs. Brown)

#7 Google (GGL)

First: 7.B.1.The Future of Google by David C, WHS, USA (Ms. Johnston)
Second: 7.C.2. Stefan D. WHS, USA (Ms. Johnston) Enjoy
Third: 7.F.4.How we live and play with Google Alana Angeli
HM: 7.F.3.Google How We Live, Play http://flatclassroomproject.ning.com/video/flat-classroom-project-5Josh D, United States

#8 PLEs and Social Networking (PLE&SN)

First: 8.A.1.SNS and PLE-OliviaK_DML by OliviaK_DML, China (Mr.Leppert)
Second: 8.F.1.Social Networks & the Canadian Election, ShannaP REC (Mrs. Brown)
Third: 8.B.1.A Projected Future of Social Networking by Phoebe C, WHS, USA (Miss Johnston)
HM: 8.F.2.PLEs and Social Networking, AlexM_FR, USA http://flatclassroomproject.ning.com/video/final-video-3

#9 Mobile and Ubiquitous (M&U)

First: 9.B.1.Mobile and Ubiquitous, BriannaYREC (Mrs. Brown
Second: 9.A.2.Mobile and Ubiquitous - IreneK_DML
Third: 9.F.2.Mobility and Ubiquity Alex - confirmed Lindsay

#10 Virtual Communication (VCom)

First: 10.F.1. Virtual Communication, KristenF REC(Mrs. Brown)
Second: 10.A.1 Virtual CommunicationBrianaS_FR
Third: 10.D.1 Virtual Communication, ShaynaK REC(Mrs. Brown)
HM: 10.E.2. Virtual Communication, SallyK_DML (Mr. Leppert)

#11 Wireless Connectivity (WCon)

First: 11.B.1.Wireless Connectivity, RileyD REC (Mrs. Brown)
Second: 11.F.2.Wireless Connectivity, Simon H WHS (Miss Johnston)
Third: 11.B.3.Wireless Connectivity (The Future), Jordan Feltes, WHS, USA (Kara Johnston)
HM: 11.A.2.Wireless Connectivity, Peter W. WHS (Miss Johnston

Participating Classrooms

This is the list of schools participating in the final awards for completion of the project. (add in table format)

School Tag
School Name
River East Collegiate
Eva Brown
Franklin Regional Senior High
Maureen Garda
United States
Wissahickon High School
Kara Johnston
United States
Xavier College
Alissa Robson
Cornerstone Christian School
Shelley Wright
South Island School
Sergio Cardenas
Hong Kong
Dalian Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School
David Leppert